A tangible device to extend the past, present and the future of our information embedded existence.

We are living in an era that every individuals producing big amount of digital information, and it's exponentially increasing. This phenomenon slowly modify our society, the structure of the world, also our perception of our traditional biological existence. What will happens if one day our biological form fade away? Where it will belong to those digitalised human life. Will it belong to country, stats, internet search engine, family...etc? How to own our own digital afterlife? Space seed is digital afterlife management system, a sophisticated designed apparatus that will concentrate your digital-afterlife identity(digitalised memories and thoughts), significant element from your biological identity into a genetically-engineered and radiation-resistant bacteria. Protected by the well designed capsule, this seed is intended to travel through space towards a target planet or asteroid. Following the landing of the space discovery robot, the seed spreading from low-planetary orbit into the ground. The shining bioluminescence wing of the seed can slowly fall from the dark sky, bringing your digital afterlife to the planet and be remain as a part of the human civilisation memory. It will patiently wait for the best environment condition of germination and wake up as an organic life, and continue flourish the planet surface with your digitalised afterlife remain. The new circle of panspemia had finished it's reverse engineering process, and patiently waiting for our future planetary descendant to discover it's origin.

I - DNA & digital life

Encode your digital existence inside the DNA of an extremophile.

II - Making the capsules

III - The marvellous journey

IV - Eternity